Working as a state for Cosmic Crisp

The anticipation for the Cosmic Crisp apple is building, with the first commercial harvest scheduled for 2019. According to Frank Davis, VP of Sales at Washington Fruit & Produce in Yakima, the apple has brought the state together, with partners and competitors alike working together in growing and promoting the apple. Cosmic Crisp has been recognized as a Washington state apple by growers, and as such, they are proud to collaborate in getting this apple onto the market and making it successful. 

"We are all very excited for the first harvest of Cosmic Crisp in the Fall of 2019," Davis exclaimed. "It has been a great experience working with other orchards, even competitors, together as a state. Initially, there was a lottery system to assign the first orchards to grow them, but now everyone can grow them, if they can find the trees. The industry is in great shape and it's a wonderful time to be part of it."

Article by Dennis, M. Rettke, Fresh Plaza