What Does PVM Bring to the Table?

PVM has a long standing background with experience in research and development, consumer focus, global intellectual property management, global licensing administration, and brand development and protection.

How Can PVM Assure Commercial Success With Your New Variety?

PVM has developed an in-depth process to understand what consumers want and what they’re thinking, which is vital to the long term success of any new fruit variety.


Focus On Consumers

Consumer focus groups are an important step in developing a powerful brand for a new variety.  With the help of skilled moderators, we can drill down into what consumers think about a new variety and what brands create an emotional connection with them.

Consumer polls are also a great mechanism in getting feedback from a wider range of consumers.  When you get feedback from a diverse group of population in a large scale consumer poll, you have more powerful information that can be used to fine tune brand development, logo and packaging designs, and other marketing materials.
Consumer surveys are easier to design than ever before and are essential for tapping into the minds of consumers.

Surveys can be used to find out what future trends are going to be meaningful to our target audience so that long term marketing plans can be adapted to our target audience.

Brand Development

Finding a brand that resonates with consumers is a critical initial step in developing a new variety. When consumers can make an emotional connection to a brand that is the first step in establishing brand loyalty which leads to the success of a new variety.  

Designing distinctive logos and packaging designs is also important when differentiating between all the new varieties that consumers are presented with at the retailer.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property (plant patents, trademarks, plant breeder’s rights, etc.) is an essential tool used to protect the quality and authenticity of a new variety. PVM has been involved with all facets of global IP protection for decades.

That experience is valuable in effectively determining how and when to use IP in the commercialization process.  This involves things like administering master licenses, sublicenses, and royalty reporting and collection, among other licensing activities.