Who is PVM? 

Proprietary Variety Management (PVM) is a full service global IP and commercialization company for new fruit varieties.  

That’s just a fancy way to say that we are involved with all aspects of getting the best new fruits into the market so people can find their new favorites and continue to be delighted by fresh fruit.  As it turns out, that’s a really exciting and challenging process with lots of dynamic elements.

PVM’s Core Philosophy

For the long term success of a new fruit variety, PVM is all about finding a win/win scenario for every participant in what we refer to as the “Value Chain.”  The Value Chain is comprised of the apple breeder, the tree nursery, the apple grower, the packer, the marketing and sales groups, the retailer, and finally the consumer.  

The Old “Push” System

In the old way of commercializing a new variety, everyone was involved in a “push” system to get a new variety to market.  A breeder would find something noteworthy in their test orchards, take it to a nursery.  The nursery would grow a few test trees and then see if some growers were willing to test it on a larger scale.  If the grower decides to invest in the new variety, they have to talk to their packer and marketing and sales groups to make sure they’d be willing to try and sell it to a retailer.  Then if the retailer gets on board, everyone hopes that the consumer will buy the new apple at the end of the day.  There’s a lot of investment and risk that goes into that old model of bringing a new variety to market.  The grower has the most risk involved with investing in a new variety that may or may not be a hit with consumers.

The New Consumer “Pull” System

The consumer is the only portion of the value chain that brings new money into the whole system.  They pay for everything in the value chain.  They are vital in determining if an investment in a new variety will be worthwhile.  That is why PVM wants to get the consumer involved as early on in the commercialization process as possible, to create a “pull” through the system.  We believe that consumer research and feedback all along the way is vital to the long term success of a new variety.

The consumer has the money.  We want the money.  So we have to find out what they want in order to get the money.  It’s as simple as that.